15 mins Recorded Video - Tarot + Crystal Reading - Up to Five Questions - $80 AUD


Personal healing + intuitive reading from spirit with heart + soul by SOOSH - Certified Reader

15 mins tarot + crystal reading + crystal ball reading included.

You will receive your private reading within 7 days.

As known as Spirituality bySOOSH on YOUTUBE - CLICK HERE for general/group readings. Join the tribe + subscribe/notification bell to keep updated on new readings!

This is your personal reading. You may ask up to five questions.

You will receive your recorded video reading via a secure and private link (YouTube or Dropbox and you do not need a account, I only need your email address). You can re-watch as many times as you'd like!

After payment you will be emailed within 24 business hours so you can let me know any question/s you may have. Once I receive your question/s it will take up to 7 days to receive the video reading. Sooner if I can!

Any questions, please feel free to contact me HERE

My readings are not meant to be overly predictive but more healing + guiding with gentle and comforting messages from Angels, spirit and guides. Enjoy and take what works for you.

I do offer predictions in your reading if needed but please see below.

*All predictions are not set in stone and you have the power to change your life path with free will. The answers may just be your current energy/vibration and the messages from spirit that you resonate with are here to help guide you.

*All sales are final once the reading is done as I put time and effort into my readings with heart and soul.

*Readings are for entertainment only and are not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. You must be 18+ to purchase a reading.

$80 AUD (approx. $62 USD)

✧ What Clients Are Saying ✧

"Magical, Spectacular, and Awakening! My personal tarot card reading that Soosh gave me sent chills down my spine! Her reading was spot on and provided me the affirmation from my angels that I needed while on this incredible spiritual journey. Everything she said has been happening in my life! I could not believe how accurate my reading was. She went above and beyond and made sure all my questions were answered! I have truly been lost for so long, but my eyes are finally open. I feel realigned with my soul path now! Because of Soosh I have the intuition, the vision, and the insight to stay strong and persevere in making all my wildest dreams come true!" ~ Trav

"Soosh has an incredibly, loving and heart opening presence. She has a way of finding the sunshine, the beauty and the magick in every situation. She is a wonderful cheerleader and offers wisdom and clarity in a very loving and gentle way. She has the ability to instil purpose, insight and inspiration through the way she encourages and draws out your own personal magic. A beautiful and encouraging reader whose heart chakra is fully open and pouring forth love through her readings. I left feeling inspired and ready to take steady, tangible steps towards the desires of my heart and a feeling of trust that all was unfolding as it should." ~ Mae
"Soosh’s reading was such an enjoyable experience. I felt immediately relaxed by the calmness of her voice. I was amazed with how she was able to connect in such a spiritual way and her delivery was on point. The reading was so close to home that it gave me a new perspective on unsettled matters in my life. A definite worthwhile experience, thank you so much." ~ Isabel
"Soosh’s poignant insights into my spiritual and love landscapes provided me with perspective and deep healing. The way in which the cards are interpreted is engaging- capturing nuances and delving into finer details when I had any questions. Soosh gave me the clarity and guidance I was seeking.
I felt incredibly grounded by the end of my reading. Soosh’s energy is that of an earth angel, so peaceful and positive. I am thankful to have had this experience with Soosh and will no doubt be back for future readings. Thank you Soosh. Namaste." ~ Lauren
"Thanks a lot for the wonderful reading. I am very impressed of how accurate my reading was, I really look forward to more guidance thanks so much." ~ Van