Oracle/Tarot Card Decks by SOOSH

I have created all my card decks with my heart and soul. Each card have channeled messages from spirit/highest realms with the intention for all to use safely and for the highest good for all.

May all my card decks help guide you + be a safe way to get the clarity/answers you need from your intuition + spirit guides.

With love, Soosh xox

Tarot + Crystal Readings

Personal healing + intuitive readings from Angels + spirit with heart + soul by SOOSH

Tarot or Angel cards + crystal reading + crystal ball reading included.

What Clients Are Saying

"Magical, Spectacular, and Awakening! My personal tarot card reading that Soosh gave me sent chills down my spine! Her reading was spot on and provided me the affirmation from my angels that I needed while on this incredible spiritual journey. Everything she said has been happening in my life! I could not believe how accurate my reading was. She went above and beyond and made sure all my questions were answered! I have truly been lost for so long, but my eyes are finally open. I feel realigned with my soul path now! Because of Soosh I have the intuition, the vision, and the insight to stay strong and persevere in making all my wildest dreams come true!" ~ Trav

"Thank you to amazing Soosh for such special personal reading. Every card message resonated exactly of situation. Thank you to Soosh and cards for giving so much clarity and inspiration. Will definitely purchase this wonderful experience in the future and recommend to all lovely people who ready to discover their special messages." ~ Inesa


Meditation Readings

Get instant access to Tarot and Angel Meditation Readings by SOOSH

Music Mixes

Music in videos mixed by me, Dj Rox Soosh