Art and Crystals by SOOSH Clear Quartz Crystal Ball Abstract Art Painting


Healing with Spirituality by SOOSH - Certified Reader

Intuitive Art ✧ Crystals ✧ Tarot ✧ Play - Sharing my personality + energies of healing, calm, peace, inner child & nostalgia in a relaxing + cozy sacred space

Soosh is a spiritual intuitive artist, crystal / tarot reader and energy healer. She has a strong connection to the Angelic realm, using a variety of ways to connect to your higher self, Angels, spirit and guides. Her messages are always delivered with love, compassion, non-judgement, for your highest good and spiritual growth. She is known to give calming and healing readings with channeled messages from spirit with pure light, heart and soul. She loves to use a variety of divination tools, such as her artwork for intuitive painting readings, tarot, oracle and angel cards, crystals, runes and the crystal ball by scrying into it to provide positive guidance in many areas of your life. She also loves to create healing guided meditations channeled by spirit from highest realms using tarot and the power of affirmations.

Passionate about being of service to the world, helping others to see the light at the end of the tunnel with unconditional love and warmth, Soosh loves to be a catalyst of great change within. By empowering you to push through your comfort zones, take action on any decisions, Soosh will help co-create your future. Your greatest soul growth can come from your most challenging situations and she loves to spread light by helping others to find themselves and guide them in their own soul's path.

She hopes to connect, inspire and guide others to meditate with their soul and self-heal the mind, body, soul and spirit through intuitive art, crystal / tarot readings, energy healing, a spiritual lifestyle, inspired action and more.

Manifest your dreams, desires, live your soul’s purpose and your best life with passion, joy, love and light.


Intuitive abstract art, crystal / tarot readings and carefully selected high quality natural crystals by Soosh with love, beauty, meaning, healing properties and good vibes. All crystals cleansed, ethically sourced and most of them meditated by artist and crystal healer, Soosh through the process of her brightly coloured paintings that fills her soul wi